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Save the planet, grow a forest. 5 inspiring stories

In the Netherlands and abroad people work hard to replant forests, so that we have more trees to filter the CO2 out of the air, create more biodiversity and enable us to learn more about nature. Often these are just individuals who started at some point; people with a mission. Underneath I have scrambled together some special videos and articles to inspire you.

1. Short doc: Moving the Giants

Science to save the world: arborist David Milarch clones thousands of years old Redwood trees and replants them. Redwoods are one of the most effective CO2 suckers among trees, but have been cut down in the 1940s on a massive scale. Now, only 4% is left of what once was, and that is a great loss in our current times of climate change. This guy is a role model to me. He found a way to make a difference on his own – however big or small that difference might be.

2. Tiny Forest Project of IVN

(Both links in Dutch only, video in English:))The IVN (Institute for Nature education) has planted the first Tiny Forest of Europe in 2015, in Zaandam. After this they have broadened their project to include other cities in the Netherlands, such as Heerlen and Utrecht . Tiny forests are forests the size of a tennis court. The goal is to let adults and children discover more of the natural world and to increase biodiversity. The way these forests are planted are based on an accelerated trajectory. In ten years a full-grown forest thrives, where it normally takes at least a hundred years. This method has been developed by Shubhendu Sharma. In the TED Talk he explains what he does. To see if it works in the Netherlands as well, we will have to wait.

3. A place in the country – meet the new woodlanders – The Guardian

This article inspired me as well. This mister in England has a 28-year lease on a piece of woodland, just like that! Your own piece of forest, how cool would that be. Several people lease a piece of woodland in the UK and do all sorts of creative things with that: they develop nature schools for preschoolers or homeschooled kids or make woodcarvings of their own trees. What more could you wish for?

4. Short doc: Forest Man

This guy, Jadav Pajeng has been planting trees on the island of Majuli, India, since 1970. He goes there everyday, all by himself. Today it has become a grand flourishing forest the size of Central Park and animal species slowly return.

5. Felix Finkbeiner, the teenager who is going to plant a billion trees

He started planting trees when he was nine years old, just to do something to mitigate climate change. He founded Plant-for-the-Planet group, which is now working together with the UN Billion Trees campaign. They have already planted 14 million trees. He is now 19 and he holds a lot of speeches. He is a natural talent in speaking, but most of all in dreaming and persevering. We can all learn something from that.

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