5 ways to bring nature indoors

Although I recommend you all to just take an umbrella on a rainy day or feel the raindrops on your face, it is tempting to stay warm and cosy inside. To also feel surrounded by nature indoors, I have made up a list of tips.

1 – Be creative with what you find in nature

  1. Paint leaves – nature does not only have to be a subject for your canvas, you can also use it as a canvas! Dry some fall leaves in a book and take paint such as acrylic paint to illustrate the leave.
  2. Make a dream catcher from feathers, sticks and shells. Go on a scavenger hunt and collect some natural treasure. Then combine them with strings into a dream catcher or mobile.
natuur in huis
  1. Use branches as decoration: for a cool interior that comes straight out of a magazine you don’t need fancy stuff. Branches can make the best, playful and modern interior. Try hanging a branch above your dinner table and wind a lamp around it, or make a coat rack. Make sure you rid the branch of its bark – this will fall off at some point as it dries and you don’t want it ending up in your soup.
  2. Create a seasonal table or altar. Go on a scavenger hunt and collect leaves, acorns, feathers, and branches. Or let nature be an inspiration for something that you create: try felting fall leaves or fungi or paint with pigment from flowers or fungi.

2  – You can get that green thumb!

Get some plants into your house and read about how to take care of it. The succulent and cacti hype is not there for nothing: they are easy to take care of, are aesthetically pleasing and are rewarding if you take care of them: they grow and produce baby stems. A bigger plant such as a palm or a Draecena (which I have) immediately impacts the green feeling of your home.

de natuur in huis halen

3 – Pick wild things

Learn about edible plants and mushrooms and make yourself a dish with what you’ve found. Inform if you can pick in the area you want beforehand! An empty lot with weeds is always a good start: try burning nettles or ground elder, you can use those in all sorts of meals. Make a nettle soup or an elder shepherd pie. Moreover, a hand picked summer bouquet is also a great idea to get in that summery feeling.

4 – Use earth tones, wood and natural fibers in your interior

The materials and colours you use make a great difference to the natural feeling of your home. Swap those black fineer desks for a wooden one and drape some wool knitted blankets over the couch to keep you warm.

5 – Eat local

If you buy products that were produced locally you immediately get a deeper connection to your environment. Buy a pot of local honey, for example, and imagine you eat the nectar of all those flowers that were around you last summer.   Have you tried one of these things? Or do you have other great ideas? Please share!

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