Who is this girl?

You might have guessed it, but I like to be outside! In nature, as much as possible, and otherwise dreaming, reading books or watching movies about it. I am also obviously a girl, 24-year old and Dutch to be exact, named Sacha. Now I didn’t really grow up in a terribly exiting country, nature wise. The Netherlands is pretty damn flat and is very, very populated by both people who need houses and cows who need grass (if you’re lucky – I’m also a vegetarian). The walks I did go on with my folks I used to despise. Yet, somehow, I grew into this outdoorsy person (not big in size, but big in love). Go figure.

Climbing Mount Rinjani
Climbing Mount Rinjani

Since I still find myself living in this flat land of people and cows, I try to go abroad as often as I can to find myself some mountains or other interesting scenery, mostly to hike around and take loads of pictures. I’ve done quite well in the past few years, studying at the foot of the mountains – and actually on a tiny mountain – in British Columbia, backpacking through Indonesia, China and South Korea, and taking many anthropological study trips to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ireland, Romania and Georgia. Of course, I am insatiable and have many trips planned out (very rudimentarily – as dreamers do) over the next few years. The Netherlands can be great too though and I’m always exploring new places in my own ‘backyard’.

Since I love nature, I like being friendly to it as well. I therefore try to be conscious about my environmental behaviour and I’m even doing my masters in it at Wageningen University. I’m trying to combine my love for nature and writing in various ways – via this blog, and also by being Senior Editor for the Dutch website duurzamestudent.nl (“sustainable students”). I hope I will be able to continue this and someday make a living out of it. A dreamer, like I said, but I dream hard.


What to expect from this blog

Since I am a big fan of the outdoors, you can expect a lot about it. I will tell you all my tales about the countries I’ve been to and also give you insight in how to still enjoy my  flat, little, overcrowded country . I hope there will be something here for you to read, to inspire you, make you all dreamy like me or help you to make an actual planning for next weeks holiday. If anything, you can expect a greatly thankful writer for your visit:)


Contact me

If you have any questions and you can’t find the answer on my blog (yet), here is a list of places and things I might be able to help you with.

The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, The Vatican, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden, Norway, England, Ireland, Georgia (the country, not the state), Canada (Quebec, Ottawa, Banff National Park, British Columbia), Indonesia (Bali & Lombok), China (Guanxi, Yunnan & Sichuan), South Korea.

Hiking, books about travelling and hiking, just good books, documentaries, songs that are good for travelling, songs about travelling, songs about nature, photography – especially if you have a Pentax or an iPhone 4s (I know…), miscellaneous environmentally friendly life hacks, cultural anthropology (because I have my bachelor’s degree in that), sustainability, environmental issues, cats (because I have those), and well, I’d be willing to find out lots more for you!