• prayer flags cairn Yading

    The ‘real’ Shangri-La: Yading Nature Reserve

    Yading Nature Reserve is Shangri-La – whether in reality, or in strong resemblance to the Shangri-La described in James Hilton’s Lost Horizon. It is heaven on earth; the mountains majestic, the colours a painter’s pallet. That is, if you zone out the Chinese tourists and the ready-made boardwalks. It is not the rugged outdoor experience that might do this park justice, at least not when you stay within a day’s walk of the entrance. However, it is still quite the climb, and the beauty is mesmerising regardless of people passing by.  In my previous articles I wrote about Shangri-La and the road from the pittoresk Chinese town that leads into the mountains to…

  • seahorse cadiz spain

    The seahorse

    I found a seahorse where the ocean left it on the beach a corpse at its final resting place But the ocean spread out her waves and took it back in her arms As if she could not bear to leave behind this beautiful and fragile thing Setting it free and wanting it back in a rhythm of despair Like trying to let go of a love that no longer is Location: Cádiz, Spain

  • Bus hopping from Shangri-La to Chengdu

    Last summer (2016) I travelled through China. I decided to bus hop from Shangri-La to Chengdu, because it would bring me to the Chinese Himalayas and the Tibetan Plains. It was the only rational decision a mountain lover could make – and boy, was I happy.  How I Thought It Would Be Some people like the sound of adventure that comes with uncomfortable travel and sketchy people. On my first solo backpacking trip through Asia, that wasn’t me. For my route through China, I had previously decided on the plan to bus hop my way from Shangri-La (Yunnan) to Chengdu (Sichuan) for the promising views of +6000m mountains, Tibetan monasteries and…